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Sharing and Communicating

September 29, 2004

I have been working my way through IT Conversations – I burn them to MP3 and listen to them in my car – seems efficient to me, but most people think I am a geek for doing it.
Anyway a couple of absolute gems:

Dan Bricklin “People pay to communicate with those they care about.”
That’s the technology business in 9 words. He cites people talking on cell phones about the most mundane things vs. the failure of Mmode type content.

And related thought from Joi Ito – he rambles so I paraphrase – Blogging is a set of standards for easily creating, publishing, syndicating and sharing micro-content (today text and pictures, later music and movies). Micro-content is produced by consumers who pay to share. This stands in stark contrast to mainstream content producers who mass produce, distribute and charge money. The importance of blogging is misunderstood because businesses always overestimate consumer’s desire to consume commercial content and underestimate people’s desire to share and communicate.

Thought I would share that.


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