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If Mary Meeker Writes It, It Must be True

October 28, 2004

Interesting research from Morgan Stanley today. Basically she postulates that blogs are going to be huge – user generated content + easy syndication + the Long Tail equals money making opportunities for the internet behemoths. She likes Google because they own Blogger and can monitize via Adsense, Yahoo because they have the distribution to win in aggregation and can monitize via Overture, and eBay because they have reputation and a way for everyone to make money beyond advertising. Surprisingly barely mentioned – MovableType, Amazon and Microsoft.

But before I order my GulfStream over the internet, I must point out this is a really long term for a Wall Street analyst to be writing about. Most Wall Street research is about actions to take based on quarterly outlook, mixed with occasional thought pieces with mentions of companies who might go public in the next 12 months. I can’t see blogging/RSS effecting any public company’s quarter for many years. A straw poll at Gnomedex (with a dozen A list bloggers in the room) revealed that only a few people were making a hundred dollars a month off their blog.

Corporations using RSS as a more effective way to talk to their customers, on the other hand – well, we will be talking more about that later.


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