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But the TV show or the band?

October 29, 2004

Adam Curry is the biggest thing since Survivor.

I did not expect to like his show. What could that big haired egomaniac from the 80’s have to offer? Teach me to be guided by my prejudices.

Dailysourcecode forever changes the media business. Web-based entertainment heretofore has been like early television – filmed radio shows. Curry shows us how to move the camera and produce content specifically to the medium.

That’s a big statement, but Dailysourcecode reminds me of the first time I saw the Real World or Survivor – this is big idea, and they nailed it. Let us not forget that Survivor executed on many new ideas that are now commonplace – unscripted entertainment, diverse talent, humans and game theory, heavy editing to create human stories within the game, and dramatically lower production costs made even lower by product placement. With Curry, it’s the clever use of blog-style community feedback, remix culture and un-edited reality entertainment all delivered via a new distribution channel that allows time shifting and user control.

Freed from the constraints of government regulation, and media company ownership (no need to appease a desired demographic) Dailysourcecode is a fountainhead of new ideas with a revolutionary distribution model. Listen to it when you want. And if you find parts boring, fast forward.

Compare this to NPR or Howard Stern. Their content is heavily edited and only occasionally interesting. They try to put the best stuff on during drive time. If you are not in your car, tough. And the commercials – 20 minutes straight at times with the Stern show. Dailysourcecode is not better, it is much, much better.

The question is how many Adam Currys are our there? While many can duplicate his ideas, what holds the show together is his strong editorial personality. I suspect there are lots of future Adam Curry’s who will find their niche in our increasingly diverse culture. Thousands of mediums with thousands of messages.

And look out, because this disintermediates big media and the government. They lose, we gain and the transitions are ugly. But what can lawyers and lobbyists do to some guy in the Netherlands? Probably lots of bad stuff, but what about 10,000 guys around the globe? Ultimately Big Media will have to compete and settle for a smaller audience and less control.

He just needs a good tagline. How about Dailysourcecode, it’s got the eye of the tiger.


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