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Turkey Day

November 30, 2004


Over the holiday I read the first half of The New Normal by Roger McNamee. Interesting book – I will write a little more when I finish it. One of his points is that church, employer and government has fallen short of expectations, and as a result, family is much more important than it was a few decades ago. By family he means community – friends, neighbors etc. He encourages robust use of technology to mitigate the greatest challenge to family – the lack of time spent together.

I was reminded of this point this morning when I got an e-mail from a friend discussing the weekly results in our Fantasy Football league. Included with the e-mail was this picture taken out the window of his hotel room, in Istanbul.

Yes, his hotel in Istanbul has WiFi. Quoting from his e-mail where he quotes the natives “ees magic, yes?

Not magic, just Byzantine technology.


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